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Secure Software Development

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Enterprise application development typically occurs over an extended period of time and involves integrating business flows, business logic, security, and legacy systems into a single, cohesive, and maintainable project. CyberSift can help you ensure that project management, product development, and product deployment are handled properly, including traditional pain points, such as documentation and future-proofing. Our consultants have experience in both the management side (such as PRINCE, SCRUM, and Agile) as well as the technical side (such as Java Spring, Node.js, and Python) of IT projects.

Web and Mobile

The web and smartphones play an increasingly important role in today’s IT landscape. With more applications migrating to browser-based solutions and with smartphones driving the majority of customer engagement with today’s business environment, CyberSift can help your company remain at the forefront with web and smartphone development tailored to your needs.

Data Analysis-Machine Learning-CyberSift.png

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques have proven useful in improving modern businesses’ competitiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency. Due to our application of machine learning techniques to cybersecurity, our consultants have experience that can help your business in other areas, such as:

  • integrating recommendation engines into your applications;

  • leveraging machine learning to quickly identify anomalous transactions or user behaviour; and

  • generating “market insight” reports that are based on the results of applying machine learning algorithms to marketing and sales data collected by your company.

We integrate with your ecosystem.

Software development has always been a challenge to pull off correctly. Even more so if your business is not primarily IT-focused. CyberSift consultants have a wide range of experience in developing and deploying specialised IT solutions in a number of different environments.

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