Self-learning cyber threat detection

Self-learning Cyber threat detection

Saves time!

Visualizing threats
CyberSift is setup in an hour

CyberSift helps security analysts sift through often thousands of alerts, drawing attention to those that matters most. Make your security team more aware, and more efficient while eliminating human error.

CyberSift's value is readily apparent in a busy OSSEC environment where clients have reported alert reduction rates of over 1000 fold, reducing millions of alerts to a few hundreds.

Using data mining and statistical algorithms, CyberSift detects attacks to your environment that would slip past traditional defences. Inspired from techniques used in machine learning, these algorithms do not require fine tuned rules or signatures which are in turn easily bypassed - instead they focus on abnormal behavior.

Fast deployment with no network changes required

CyberSift does not require complex network changes during setup. If you are already collecting logs via syslog or similar means Cybersift can easily consume this data to add rich insights into those alerts that matter.

Does not require tuning or complex rule configuration

Augment your SIEM with the power of AI



CyberSift Advantage
Setup in under an hour
Clearly visualize threats
Detect abnormal behaviour
Detects abnormal behavious