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Managed Security Services

Find Out How We Can Mitigate Your Security Problems


Penetration Testing

Find your security weaknesses. 

CyberSift can provide penetration tests that cover a wide variety of scopes, including:

CyberSift consultants are experts at designing, developing, and deploying secure software.


Security Anomaly Detection

Leveraging our in-house CyberSift Intelligent Threat Detection Platform, our security analysts will handle log analysis, archiving, reporting, and threat hunting, providing you with periodic reports on findings as well as advice on mitigation and security best practices.

Information Systems Audit.png

Information Systems Audit

Ensuring and maintaining the highest standards in the management and security of information systems is a critical aspect, especially for regulated organisations. Our certified staff will assist you in monitoring, controlling, and assessing your IT and business systems, ensuring your firm adheres to the highest standards.

Cloud Services.png

Cloud Services

Choosing the right cloud service provider can be tricky. Securely migrating your infrastructure and applications to the cloud even more so. CyberSift engineers are well versed with the major cloud providers, especially Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, allowing you to migrate securely from a purely on-site infrastructure to a hybrid or purely cloud-based infrastructure.

We integrate with your ecosystem.

IT security can be complex, multi-faceted, and difficult to get right. Ignoring it could cost your business more than just lost revenue. Reputation, shareholder and consumer confidence, legalities, and private data are all on the line. In today’s economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, onboard, and train IT security professionals to take on the security challenge.

Protect your business. 

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