Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

Input Agnostic

Use any generic logging input which includes packet captures. This allows CyberSift to ingest data for a wide variety of sources.

Add Artificial Intelligence to show alerts that matter

Extract meaning and attract attention to important alerts from within voluminous logs that these tools typically produce.

Act faster

Shorten detection times and reduce damage to your data and reputation. Let CyberSift do the heavy lifting leaving you to concentrate on the decisions that matter.

Turbo charge your security tools by adding anomaly and behavior correlation that works out of the box. 
Installed on premise or in the cloud, CyberSift allows you to leverage your existing security deployments while applying Artificial Intelligence to reduce detection times
Learn how CyberSift can transform your logs into CyberSecurity Information


cybersift vs SIEM
CyberSift compared to SIEM

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CyberSift's capability to hide noise and extract the unusual events is quite powerful, it managed to reduce the number of logs to be analyzed by a 100x factor. Such features give [the] security team an additional mechanism to quickly spot and react to attacks. As a practical example, during our 2 months usage, it managed to easily point out two security incidents that would have been otherwise buried in a mountain of logs.

Dragos Nuta, Software Engineering Manager