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CyberSift Drive

Secure File Transfer System For Sharing Your Files Safely

Access, Share, and Synchronize Your Files Safely and Easily Wherever Your Data is Located

CyberSift Drive offers businesses a self-hosted or SaaS secure enterprise file transfer system that allows users and programs to transfer files to and from their organization safely and securely by detecting malign actors inside the files. It integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and storage systems making it quick and easy to deploy.  Thanks to its user-friendly interface and hybrid cloud approach, CyberSift Drive provides users ubiquitous access to data regardless of its location and is incredibly simple to use. 

Why CyberSift Drive?

CyberSift Drive enables easy integration and quick deployment, so that organizations can quickly become compliant and secure, ensuring immediate benefits.

Seamless integration & easy accessibility 

Quick and simple deployment - can be installed on premise, in your cloud or offered as a hosted service. Integrates easily with your existing infrastructure and storage systems. This means that users can access data wherever it is located.

Complete security

Powerful encryption capabilities and customizable security configuration. Complemented by ransomware protection, login controls, bleaching process, deep clean, multi factor authentication, and more.

Simplified operations

User-friendly web and desktop interface and customizable configuration makes it extremely easy to use. Simple setup and integration reduce costs and mitigate risks while leveraging existing IT investments.

How CyberSift Drive Works

Transfers, accesses, and synchronizes files seamlessly in the cloud, on-prem or offered as a hosted service.

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On A User Portal

With CyberSift Drive a user, either internal or external from the organisation, can log in to a web portal, select a policy or a path where they would like their files to be uploaded to. Then these files get uploaded. The policy which the admin configured would check attributes like file size, file type verification, etc. Then it goes through a “bleaching process” - multiple antivirus checks and disinfecting files from any malware; PDF sanitization (deep clean); and Office files content disarming and reconstruction. Finally, depending on what the admin configures, they are stored safely in a destination (i.e. folder). 

On Applications and APIs

Everything on applications and API-s is automated. Using an agent or an API that you built yourself, you can create a key or a token. Whenever the application detects a file, it’s going to use that token to upload the files directly to the server. Add an application, and configure a folder. Everything that is seen in that folder needs to be uploaded to a server - passing through the CyberSift virus checks and policies. The agent automatically schedules itself to run every minute and detects automatically whether it is a downloadable or uploadable file.

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Key Capabilities

CyberSift Drive robust features let you deliver safe content to users and applications anywhere.

Our flexible self-hosted or SaaS API model allows you to scale CDR to meet your file requirements.

Preventive sanitizing

Eliminates all malware threats with Content Disarm & Reconstruction system (CDR). That prevents any malicious content from entering a corporate network perimeter.

Advanced security features

Our bleaching process - multiple antivirus checks, disinfecting files from any malware (deep clean), multi factor authentication gives you extra protection. 

Isolated from network

Sanitization process is
done on Drive itself, giving it extra security. 

Wide breadth of file formats and sizes

CyberSift Drive supports large amount of files (including macros, password-protected files, and active content) in the industry. Over  11,000
file types supported.


Simple set-up and management

Simple security configuration can even be performed directly from the dashboard. Create your own policies and custom rules, while getting immediate feedback  about the uploaded files.

Flexible deployment

Its hybrid approach allows you to deploy it on premise, in your cloud or is offered as a hosted service. Implement through an easy UI or automate via APIs including best-practice default protections.

Ways to Deploy

CyberSift Drive provides self-service or managed options to offer security anywhere - across public/private clouds, on-premises data centers, and edge sites, with centralized visibility and management.

Manage and protect your files at your data center and edge sites.

Manage and protect your files hosted across clouds, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Manage and protect your data hosted across your cloud.

Plans & Pricing

CyberSift Drive

per month

billed €3,400 annually + VAT




CyberSift Drive

per month

billed €8,000 annually + VAT



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