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DORA Compliance
Made Simple

Simplified DORA Compliance Dashboards with CyberSift SIEM

(Digital Operational Resilience Act )


The Adoption of DORA

The financial services industry has historically been a prime target for threat actors, with stringent regulatory scrutiny. To meet these challenges, the adoption of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) introduces added compliance requirements for European financial organizations. 

The introduction of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) in Europe has added an extra layer of compliance requirements to the financial sector. These new demands can be effectively managed with the implementation of centralized log management.

How can CyberSift help you in
preparation for DORA Compliance?

Maturity Assessment

Conduct a maturity assessment to evaluate alignment with DORA requirements, followed by a gap analysis. Develop a mitigation plan to bridge these gaps and achieve compliance.


Assist the client in strategizing and executing a comprehensive large-scale penetration test scenario. Offer robust security technology to reinforce it.

Log Management

Consolidate all the information registered for all ICT third-party providers, with a specific focus on incorporating log management.

Log Management

All Centralized. Limitless scalability.

Access Monitoring

General sys. Monitoring

Network Monitoring

O365 Monitoring

WEB Attack

Centralized Log Management for DORA Compliance

In order to meet the rigorous compliance demands of DORA, the implementation of central log management, fortified by robust security analytics, stands as an indispensable tool. This integrated system facilitates uninterrupted monitoring while also empowering organizations to generate high-fidelity alerts, significantly expediting the response, investigation, and recovery processes in the event of security incidents. It not only aids in fulfilling regulatory requirements but also strengthens the overall security posture of financial institutions, ensuring their operational resilience.

Cybersift SIEM offers Centralized log management that supports various DORA compliance aspects, including:

Access Monitoring

It allows the user to have an outline of all the central log management that ingests access logs from various resources, aiding in detecting and investigating anomalous behavior.

General System Monitoring

Give the user and overview of capacity utilization, Event Per Second (EPS) rates, an overview of alert statuses, with historical timelines. This multifaceted approach ensures a thorough understanding of the system's performance and its ability to respond effectively to any anomalies.

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Network Monitoring

Network security monitoring often entails the intricate task of correlating and analyzing data from a multitude of diverse tools, creating a comprehensive surveillance system to detect and respond to potential threats.

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Firewalls are central to network security, controlling incoming and outgoing traffic, including the detection of suspicious activities targeting potentially malicious servers. Complementing this, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) provide an added layer of defense, revealing potential evasion tactics used by cyber threats. This integration enhances network visibility and understanding.

Centralized log management solutions, when coupled with robust security analytics, introduce a host of unique features that contribute to an enhanced security posture.  

Furthermore, this feature offers traffic segmentation, using criteria like usernames, IP addresses, and applications to detect irregularities in network behavior. The ability to segment traffic by destination country strengthens network resilience against security incidents.

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O365 Monitoring 

Monitoring of Office 365 events, especially those related to phishing attempts, is a proactive approach to strengthening email security. By allowing users to keep a vigilant eye on these events, organizations can foster a sense of ownership and enhance their collective cybersecurity defenses. 

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Our SIEM solution strengthens your defenses against web attacks by providing real-time monitoring, rapid threat detection, and centralized log management. It facilitates proactive incident response, ensuring swift actions to counter threats and streamline compliance reporting. With advanced analytics and user-friendly features, it's your key ally in defending against web attacks and fortifying your cybersecurity.

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Why choose CyberSift?

Streamlined Security Analytics

Cybersift's security analytics and anomaly detection provide a robust cybersecurity platform without the unnecessary complexities. Our solution combines high-speed features with an intuitive interface, reducing operational costs, alleviating alert fatigue, and delivering timely answers seamlessly.

Confident Endpoint Protection

Safeguard your endpoints with cutting-edge security solutions, supported by our expert team. We navigate the intricate landscape of endpoint security, ensuring your network's safety.


Streamlined DORA Compliance

Cybersift takes the complexity out of meeting Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) compliance through centralized log management. We provide a straightforward, effective approach to regulatory requirements.


Practical Solutions via SIEM Integration

Our practical solutions are seamlessly integrated into your SIEM system, consolidating all monitoring systems into one cohesive solution for enhanced regulatory compliance.


High-Fidelity Alerts

We emphasize the value of high-fidelity alerts generated by centralized log management, ensuring swift identification and response to security incidents. This is especially critical for fintech organizations.



Cybersift not only enhances security but also reduces labor costs and alert fatigue. This highlights its economic advantages, making it the ideal choice for businesses striving for DORA compliance.


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