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No matter your business size or industry, CyberSift provides your business with the perfect IT security protection.

Don’t take our word; let our customers tell you how we empower their organisation.

“CyberSift’s capability to hide noise and extract unusual events is quite powerful; it managed to reduce the number of logs to be analysed by a 100x factor. Such features gave our security team an additional mechanism to quickly spot and react to attacks. As a practical example, during our 2 months’ usage, it managed to easily point out two security incidents that would have been otherwise buried in a mountain of logs.”

Dragos Nuta, Software Engineering Manager

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“We were very satisfied with the security assessment done by CyberSift on one of our web applications. The assessment was thorough and done in a reasonable amount of time. CyberSift provided a clear description of the issues found as well as detailed and knowledgeable guidance on what should be done to fix these issues.”

Glenn Darmanin, Information Security Engineer, Ixaris

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“The team has always been prompt and helps me get everything sorted out.”

Conrad Laus, Head of Information Security, RS2

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