Company Overview

Cybersift was founded in 2017 by a researcher from the University of Liverpool, UK and a seasoned technologist with over twenty years industry experience. The project is an evolution of original work into the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to network intrusion detection.

The company's unique skill-set has led to the creation of a self learning threat detection system which aims to mimic the neurological function of the human body. Aimed at augmenting an administrator's ability and visibility at detecting threats, Cybersift has been built with ease of deployment and fast return of investment in mind.

We have a Vision to push the boundaries within the intersection of CyberSecurity and Machine Learning, enabling individuals to protect organisations. Our Mission is to augment cyber security solutions and empower organizations with enhanced self-learning cyber threat detection tools.

Leadership Team

Brian Zarb Adami CEO
Brian Zarb Adami

Chief Executive Officer

David Vassallo CTO
David Vassallo

Chief Technology Officer