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About Us

We Are Building a Better World of Cybersecurity


CyberSift was founded in 2017 by David Vassallo, a researcher from the University of Liverpool, and Brian Zarb Adami, a seasoned technologist with over 25 years of industry experience. The project is an evolution of original work into the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to network intrusion detection.

The company’s unique skill set has led to the creation of a self-learning threat detection system, which aims to mimic the neurological function of the human body. Aimed at augmenting an administrator’s ability and visibility in detecting threats, CyberSift has been built with ease of deployment and a fast return on investment in mind.

We are on an ambitious mission to augment cybersecurity solutions and empower organisations with enhanced self-learning cyber threat detection tools. We believe every company should only have to use one platform for all their IT security needs across their teams and global locations.



Our vision is to push the boundaries within the intersection of cybersecurity and machine learning, enabling individuals to protect their organisations.

We are multinational. With employees spread across 9 countries (Malta, Estonia, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Poland,  Bulgaria, Serbia) and 3 different time zones, we communicate, connect, and engage our distributed workforce remotely through modern tools.





We understand that we all need to work, rest, and play. Work and life balance is important to us. We are flexible; we try to accommodate customers’ needs while providing them with the best service possible.



We have no fear of speaking about issues or failures. We are open to giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism. Be real.



We take responsibility for our words, actions, and results. We are professionals with high standards. Others can 100% trust us to get it right or put it right.

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Employee growth

We challenge ourselves, and we push ourselves. We actively seek to learn and grow, always and in all ways, and we support that in our employees. We seek to make our best possible contribution to our whole business. Happy employees, happy team.

Executive Team

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Co-Founder and CEO

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Co-Founder and CTO

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