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Intelligent Cyber Threat Detection

A Proactive Approach to Keep Your Digital Assets Safe

One platform. Exceptional speed. Limitless scalability.

CyberSift combines a comprehensive set of cyber threat detection services. This brings your SIEM, vulnerability detection, and host forensics into a single dashboard! We also offer you access to analysts that help you use those products – all under one roof. And the cherry on the cake – we are fast! To ensure you receive the help you need even if problems are not under our direct scope, we always choose our tech carefully, hire dedicated people who know what they are doing, and make helping your business succeed our main priority.

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Automating Cybersecurity

With our machine learning algorithms and AI-powered tools, we empower your business and security teams with innovative technology that delivers measurable results.

Built to Make Cybersecurity as Easy as Possible

Recruiting qualified people with the skills you need to secure your digital assets is no easy task. That is why CyberSift, together with our security products, offers analysts that can help you with your security programs. As experts with our security products, our analysts can efficiently cover more ground, which means a less expensive and better service for you.

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CyberSift is a boutique IT solutions company that places emphasis on providing high-quality services tailored to each of our customers’ individual needs. While our focus is on IT security, we complement this with a variety of skills to fit the needs of every customer, such as specialised software, bespoke development, and cloud services.

Our Core Services

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CyberSift provides security services ranging from one-off penetration tests and audits to ongoing security monitoring and reporting, so customers can focus on their core business.​

The managed security services include amongst others:

  • security anomaly detection;

  • information systems audit;

  • cloud services;

  • penetration testing, etc.

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Find your security weaknesses with penetration testing.

We offer full-scale penetration testing including:

  • infrastructure penetration testing following the PTES standard;

  • web application penetration testing following the OWASP Top 10 guidelines; and

  • secure development advice on your current software development projects.

CyberSift consultants provide the guidance you need for designing, developing, and deploying secure software.

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Our Products

CyberSift Anomaly Detection2.png

CyberSift Anomaly Detection Platform

More than a SIEM or ELK stack, the CyberSift Intelligent Threat Detection platform increases your infrastructure visibility to unprecedented levels. This allows you to detect and act on threats faster and more efficiently.

CyberSift Tutela VAS.png

Tutela Vulnerability Assessment Solution

Detects your network and web applications’ data leaks, phishing attempts, and vulnerabilities all in one solution. It includes a full set of features that will save you time and money.

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CyberSift Facial Recognition

Biometric secure access control, user authentication, and presence detection are typical use cases of our latest platform as a service.

Learn How to Gain Visibility Over All Your Digital Operations

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify which security vulnerabilities you have in your network and which must take priority. Tutela gives you visibility over all your assets and weak points to help you improve security through one single, integrated, cost-effective solution. See how you can safeguard your business with Tutela Vulnerability Assessment Solution.

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Oftentimes in larger infrastructures, it’s difficult to keep a sprawling inventory up to date. Effective inventories include more than just hardware. They account for the software, patches, users, and files installed on that hardware. Without automation, keeping this data up-to-date is near impossible.

Tutela by CyberSift helps you keep these endpoints safe with host forensics.

Every customer has unique problems with unique solutions. So, we tailor-fit our solutions to each of our clients. Check out our latest case study to see what our individualised solutions look like.

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Built to Save You Time.
Here’s How.

Easy and fast deployment

Set up in under an hour and start leveraging data from existing syslogs and similar means.

Easy configuration

CyberSift uses algorithms that focus on identifying abnormal behaviour so you never need to configure fine-tuned rules or signatures.

Easy customisation and scalability

Customise your logging and reports for your specific needs, according to the severity of threats, etc.

Clear visibility

Draws attention to the threats that matter most. Reduces millions of alerts to a few hundred key threats.

Our Partners

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Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Protect what matters most - your business.
Keep your digital assets safe with us. 

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