CyberSift is a boutique IT Solutions company that places emphasis on high quality, expertise and individualised service to each of our customers. While our focus is on IT Security, we complement this with a variety of skills which our customers can call upon, such as specialised  software, bespoke development and Cloud Services.

Products & Services

Managed Security Services
CyberSift provides security services ranging from one-off penetration tests and audits to ongoing security monitoring and reporting leaving customers to focus on their core business.
When off-the-shelf doesn't quite make the cut. Or a helping hand is required to offer secure development advice on a current projects, CyberSift consultants are experts at designing, developing and deploying secure software.
Secure Software Development
More than a SIEM or ELK stack, the CyberSIft Intelligent Threat Detection platform increases your infrastructure visibility to unprecedented levels, while allowing you to detect and act on threats faster and more efficiently.
CyberSift Anomaly Detection Platform
More than your standard email filtering solution the CyberSift eMail Protection suite leverages advances in Machine learning to alert users of eMail bourne threats in real time.
eMail Spam & Phishing Protection
DNS based proactive user protection that establishes a security baseline for office, remote and mobile users.
URL Filtering
CyberSift Facial Recognition
Biometric secure access control, user authentication and presence detection are typical use cases of our latest platform as a service.
Learn how to transform event noise into actionable security information using the
CyberSift Anomaly Detection Platform
Too many tasks, too little time as well as alert fatigue are all common issues being faced by IT teams. The information you need in order to protect your IT systems is there; Its just hidden amongst thousands and often times millions, of other events which are useless in a secuirty context. Sources such as network devices, hosts and applications all contribute valuable information which when used distilled by our proprietary anomaly detction engine provides laser focused alerts allowing prompt and early action.

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CyberSift's capability to hide noise and extract the unusual events is quite powerful, it managed to reduce the number of logs to be analyzed by a 100x factor. Such features give [the] security team an additional mechanism to quickly spot and react to attacks. As a practical example, during our 2 months usage, it managed to easily point out two security incidents that would have been otherwise buried in a mountain of logs.

Dragos Nuta, Software Engineering Manager